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In the world of Gospel Music traditions, achievements and beliefs are words that do indeed accurately define the rich family heritage of The Perry Sisters. With 25 recordings and 34 top 40 hit songs to their credit. The lineup includes There’ll Be A Payday, Resurrection Morn, They Can’t Start The Celebration, I Don’t Want No Rocks, He’ll Deliver Me, Imagine If You Will, God Save Our Country, all penned by group member Diana Perry Gillette.

This musical legacy began more than 42 years ago when three sisters from Huntington, WV. Diana, Bonnie, and Carol began their journey not knowing what the future might hold.

After all, an all female group was virtually unheard of in that era of Gospel Music.By the mid 80s they landed their first recording contract with The Eddie Crook Co. and became the first professional ladies trio in Southern Gospel Music. The Perry Sisters made their first national TV appearance in the late 80s on the PTL Network, which launched their career in a new direction. In 1990 Bonnie and Carol retired from the road.

Diana had the desire to continue what the three sisters had begun. In 1992 Diana signed with Sonlite Records, so the vacant positions were filled with other family members.

The reorganized Perry Sisters now consist of Diana’s daughter Nicole Mathews(alto) and April Carroll ( soprano ) still remaining true to their style and incredible family harmony. They have been nominated for numerous awards which landed them Female Group Of The Year in 2009. This group has every component to ensure they continue as a successful Gospel Music trio including family harmony and an accomplished songwriter. Each member of The Perry Sisters brings a unique gift into the mix that contributes to a rich family heritage that has stood the test of time.


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The ministry of the Bledsoe’s began when the youngest Bledsoe brother, Jonathan, started singing at the age of two years old.  His brother, Rodney, began singing harmony with Jon when Rodney was six years old. Homer Childress, otherwise known as Papa, would play the guitar and sing the third part. At the ages of thirteen, the year Rodney accepted Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior, and nine, the brothers would suffer a great loss, the loss of their father in an automobile accident. Papa felt as though this would be the end of their singing, but thankful today, Papa will relate not only did the Bledsoe Brothers continue singing, their schedule doubled. By this point in time, Rodney had begun to play the piano by note, as well as by ear. Then Jonathan decided to learn the bass guitar. Around 1992 something happened. The crowds no longer saw the little boys who could carry three part harmony but adolescent men who were in a transition point in their ministry. Jonathan was a freshman in high school and Rodney a freshman in college. It was during this time God began to deal with the Bledsoes in a way He never had before. He did something that most of us, as Christians know about, He placed a calling and a burden on their lives. This is when they recorded their first project “A New Beginning”, which best described how they felt. Since then The Bledsoes have completed 6 more projects and have seen many lives changed by their ministry.  Filling over 150 dates a year, the most important person they want to share with their audiences is Jesus, through the Holy Spirit. As I have heard Rodney say many times, “Without Him our efforts are all in vain!” Above all The Bledsoes are interested in the souls they have seen saved through the years, the winning of more souls to Christ and the blessing of their brothers and sisters in Christ. It is plain to see and hear this desire not only while talking with them, but in their concerts as well. They know that it is not their own abilities that these goals are accomplished, but through God’s abilities manifested in their lives.


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Landon Bellamy, a native of Surgoinsville Tennessee, gave his heart and soul to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, at the tender age of ten.  Landon has always had a love for music and within a few weeks of being saved, his music journey began.  Being self taught, Landon’s ear for music allowed him to progress quickly.  During his school years, Landon played weekly at church.  Upon completing his education,at Volunteer High School in 2011, at the age of eighteen years old, Landon recorded his first piano solo.  Shortly thereafter, he began playing and traveling with local artist, Brian Burchfield.  Later, Landon played for The Sneed Family and The Hoppers.  In 2018, Landon launched his solo ministry playing piano and singing.  A year later in 2019, his first solo album Blessed was released.

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