Dads Picture for Website

THE PROMISE LAND was a dream of my father, Dewey Witt. Many years he dreamed of a place for people to come and worship God. His biggest dream was to have a place where people could have Gospel Singings and Tent Revivals so everybody could come. He wanted a place where if you were rich, poor, or even if you went to different churches you could still worship GOD together. He was a man that loved music. He would sit on our porch at home and play his Banjo and Guitars and the people in the little community of Belfast would sit on their porch to listen to the music. My father never got to see his dream come to reality, but you can come by and listen. His vision still lives on. I am sure during every concert he visits us and hopefully is smiling down on us with the efforts that we have put forth. Most of the people that listened to the music of my dad in the Belfast community has gone on to be with the Lord. We hope that the music that is played from the porch of THE PROMISE LAND will have the same effect. I am sure he would want you to visit.

Witt Family

It is an honor for THE WITT FAMILY to host these great Christian concerts each summer. We want to honor our Father and Mother by bringing to you the BEST CHRISTIAN music in the Southwest Virginia area. We are thankful for everyone who supports our ministry. Our main purpose is to see people touched by the hand of Jesus Christ. We pray that these concert will bless you. We enjoy, showcasing the GREATEST Christian music and Family Entertainment that is available today. We would love to see you this year. Mark your calendar for these events. Thanks for all your prayers and support. THE WITT FAMILY

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