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When as a youngster, Darrell Luster fell in love with the music of the Soul Stirrers, the Sensational Nightingales and the Highway QCs, he could not have known that he would someday work with all three quartets and other legendary gospel artists, as well.
A gospel singer, producer, musician, radio show host and record company executive, Darrell Luster was born the youngest of fifteen children in Durham, North Carolina, on December 10, 1963. His father died just months before Darrell was born, so he and his next youngest brother were shipped to Chicago to live with an uncle. After moving back to Durham, Luster discovered that some of his brothers had formed a gospel quartet. He wanted to be part of the Luster Brothers quartet and, by age twelve, he got his wish.
In addition to singing, Luster also played guitar. He and his bass-playing brother Richard (“Ricky”) learned to play the hits of their favorite quartets so whenever the groups rolled into Durham, the brothers would be ready to fill in as musicians if needed. The strategy worked: in 1981, both brothers not only played for, but also began touring with, the Highway QCs. They can be heard accompanying the QCs on the group’s 1983 Savoy Records release, Something’s On My Mind (That’s Worrying Me).
Darrell got the chance to work with the Sensational Nightingales in 1982 when he filled in for longtime members Jo Jo Wallace and Bill Woodruff, who were ill. When the ‘Gales lead singer Charles Johnson left to form the Revivers, he invited the two Luster brothers to join him. Darrell and Ricky joined the Revivers in 1984 and sang on all of the Revivers’ albums, including that year’s Malaco release, No Man Can Stand Alone, until they parted ways with the group in 1993.
At that point, Darrell tried his hand at being a solo artist. His first album, Peace Be Still, came out on Morning Star Records and produced the single I Believe He Died for Me. In 1997, he released Members Only and It Doesn’t All End with the Grave on his own label, Beacon Records.
Luster reunited with the Sensational Nightingales in October 1999 when Malaco Records hired him to produce an album by the veteran quartet. Two albums later, Luster was a bona fide singing member of the group. A Luster produced album for Malaco, Songs to Edify, earned the ‘Gales a Grammy nomination for Best Traditional Soul Gospel Album.
Luster became Malaco’s in-house producer in 2006. He collaborated on the Yes! Quartet campaign, which produced a Stellar Award-nominated compilation featuring the Pilgrim Jubilees, Slim and the Supreme Angels, the Sensational Nightingales and Spencer Taylor and the Highway QCs.
Luster also produced Malaco’s A Soul Stirring Reunion in 2009. This album, also nominated for a Stellar Award, reunited past and present members of the Soul Stirrers, including Leroy and Arthur Crume, Willie Rogers, Eddie Huffman and the Reverend Luther Gamble.



A song that has been around for years has never rang as true as it does today. '' Troublesome times are here feeling men's heart with fear.  Freedom we all hold dear, now is at stake''   The song say's Jesus is coming soon. As John said in Revelation ''Even So come'' We now live in a nation that is calling evil good and good evil. Our very safety and freedom as the song say's is at stake. People who don't know Jesus as their Savior must feel so helpless during these troubled times. But we who are born again know that we have been told in the word of God that these times would come. As a matter of fact we have been told when we see all these things take place to look up for our Redemption draws nigh. But while we wait for his return we must be faithful. We need to use the time we have wisely. Warning those who are lost that they must be born again to make it to the place Jesus has prepared for us.  Not only a place of beauty but also a place of everlasting peace. This world is in a mess but thank God this world is not our home. So don't fear child of God for just as the song say's Jesus Is Coming Soon.


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Landon Bellamy, a native of Surgoinsville Tennessee, gave his heart and soul to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, at the tender age of ten.  Landon has always had a love for music and within a few weeks of being saved, his music journey began.  Being self taught, Landon’s ear for music allowed him to progress quickly.  During his school years, Landon played weekly at church.  Upon completing his education at Volunteer High School in 2011, at the age of eighteen years old, Landon recorded his first piano solo.  Shortly thereafter, he began playing and traveling with local artist, Brian Burchfield.  Later, Landon played for The Sneed Family and The Hoppers.  In 2018, Landon launched his solo ministry playing piano and singing.  A year later in 2019, his first solo album Blessed was released.

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